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"My son has to take Adderall twice a day. We have been paying $121 a month. With Clever RX, the cost is only $22.50. I keep thinking someone is going to send me a bill for this! The savings is almost $100 a month! I tell everyone about this program."

Stacy A - Testimonial for Clever RX
Stacy A. Mom of the Year
"My fiancé Hailey's birth control refill wasn’t covered by her Aetna insurance and was going to charge her $31 retail at Walgreens. She asked for a discount, and the pharmacist ran a card he had at the counter that dropped the price down to $21. She looked up the medication on GoodRx, it was $20, then searched Clever RX to get it for $16.81."

John D - Testimonial for Clever RX
John D. Phoenix, AZ
My daughter got sick, so I called Healthiest You. She was diagnosed with the flu, and was sent a script for Tamiflu. I used my Aetna Insurance Card. It was going to cost me $220. Knowing there was a better way, I hopped onto the Clever RX App and found the medication for only $32 at Walmart. After transferring the script to Walmart, I saved almost $200. I would not have found it without Clever RX."

Jesse L. - Testimonial for Clever RX
Jesse L. Scottsdale, AZ
"My husband has to take a testosterone replacement due to an injury sustained at work. We were paying $142.40 a month for this drug. With Clever RX, the price is only $16.48 per month now. Saving $125 a month has been amazing!"

Anna B. - Testimonial for Clever RX
Anna B. Dallas, TX