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As an early adopter Distribution Invitee for Nice Healthcare, we seek your agreement to the following Pledge in membership & production in the coming months. With our Preferred Partner Strategy, your firm will benefit by being on the Nice List, and Nice will benefit with your important contribution of early adopter selling.

We are not asking for large numbers, rather a handful of clients and members that will prime the pump for future rapid growth. Fill out the form and click submit, and  you’ll receive the following within 2 business days:

  • Nice direct contract agreement
  • Commission agreement
  • Payment schedule

In a separate email, we will send you your Broker Portal credentials, as well as additional sales & onboarding materials.

Membership Production Pledge

As described in the broker introduction webinar, we seek the following production BY FIRM to accomplish Nice Healthcare’s goals in the expansion plan:

Colorado Pledge: 
150 lives sold by 1/1/21
+150 lives sold by 4/1/21
+200 lives by 7/1/21  (500 total)

Arizona Pledge:
75 lives sold by 12/1/21
+75 lives by by 1/1/21
+150 lives by 4/1/21
+200 lives by 7/1/21 (500 total)

Idaho, Washington & Oregon Pledge:
150 lives sold by 4/1/22
+150 lives by 7/1/22
+200 lives by 1/1/22 (500 total)

If you agree to the pledge and you’re ready to bring Nice Healthcare to your market, sign up to be on the Nice List, and we’ll get you started.

Welcome to Nice! 

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