Come Light Up Arizona and Colorado

Brokers: You're Invited To Something Really Nice. RSVP Today.

Limited access opportunity for SELECT Broker Partners. Pre-register NOW if you are interested in attending this fast-paced 1-hour webinar for brokers interested in becoming a Nice Healthcare Distribution Partner for 2020 & 2021. 

Live Webinar On 3 Dates:

  • Wednesday, Sept 23, at 9:30AM
  • Thursday, Sept 24, at 2:00PM
  • October 1, at 10:00AM

Come Find Out:

  • Nice Healthcare’s rapid roll-out plan in your market
  • Value-based pricing (almost too nice to believe)
  • Satisfaction and engagement of current members
  • Revenue opportunities for you and your firm
  • How you can differentiate with Nice Healthcare
  • How to become a Distribution Partner
  • Easy onboarding for new members
  • Generous special incentives 

Nice Healthcare just completed an impressive funding round (oversubscribed), enabling them to expand into multiple new markets immediately. Nice brings with them a refreshing new primary care business model for employees and their families. Attend this event get insights on their strategy to make Nice so attractive, “it’s morally indefensible to say no!”

To accelerate connecting with the right broker partners in this the rapid roll-out, Nice has contracted with Denver-based Agility Innovation Partners to connect teams like yours as quickly as possible. AgilityIP’s veteran expansion and go-to-market team has hand picked your firm one of the thought leading partner candidates to participate in this semi-exclusive opportunity.

Nice Healthcare is Direct Primary Care that’s as direct as it gets.
There’s no brick and mortar. Instead, Nice offers a MOBILE clinical team that comes direct to home or work to provide live in-person and virtual primary care, all for just $36/EE & family per month, and that includes 550 prescriptions at no additional cost for members (yes, you read that right).

Please share this link to this invitation with your team to sign up and learn more about this limited opportunity. Thank you, and together, let’s light up Arizona & Colorado with some Minnesota Nice!

Nice Healthcare Comes to You
COMING THIS FALL TO ARIZONA & COLORADO: House calls for employees and their families. Plus office visits, virtual care, all for only $36/mo for including the family. Plus 550 prescriptions at no additional charge. Employees love Nice (90 NPS Score) and Brokers will too! Now that's Nice!
Nice Healthcare
Nice Healthcare is an Official Agility Innovation Partner