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  • September 16, 2020

Agility Innovation Partners Announces FITT Finder Partnership

Empowering Employees With New Health & Fitness Tech

Agility Innovation Partners Announces FITT Finder Partnership

Agility Innovation Partners Announces FITT Finder Partnership 1080 540 Agility Innovation Partners

Agility Innovation Partners and FITT Finder Announce Partnership Focused On Increasing Access To Fitness For All Employees

Partnership connects health tech innovations to forward-thinking corporate wellness companies, health technology companies, insurers, and employers in the emerging new healthcare ecosystem

DENVER: Silicon Valley-based FITT Finder, the world’s first fitness discovery engine, today announced its partnership with the Denver-based healthcare innovation accelerator, Agility Innovation Partners. With this new partnership, customers get the best of both worlds: Game-changing health technology from FITT Finder, plus guidance from the veteran health executives at Agility Innovation Partners.

The two privately held companies announced a far-reaching partnership that will see FITT Finder providing deep integrations into population health and wellness applications, with AgilityIP serving as FITT Finder’s incubator and go-to-market partner. Together, they will deliver FITT Finder API technology and rapid API development services to population health leaders nationwide.

The team’s immediate focus will be to serve customers in the corporate wellness, health benefits, and insurance sectors. Particular focus will be to satisfy leaders who are hungry for innovative ways to help them compete by quickly integrating FITT Finder to differentiate their product offerings.

FITT Finder API technology makes all this possible, even on a very tight budget.

“What would take six months to produce can be plugged into their platform in as little as six hours, turning their platform into a mega search engine, usable by their members to find fitness activities and services, personalized and contextualized to their needs, budget and preferences,” says Ahmed Abouelezz, CEO of FITT Finder. “Our API empowers innovative leaders to mitigate risk associated with obesity in the workforce, with no major investment in infrastructure, time, or training. It just works.”

FITT Finder serves up real-time data from disparate sources big and small, aggregating and organizing that data for end users to find fitness classes, events, and activities near them. It clears away the noise, displaying only what’s important to those seeking a better fitness experience, on a personalized level.

Instead of delivering facility-based search results (think Google or Class Pass) which invariably show antiquated data for gyms, studios, and fitness clubs, many of which are now closed due to COVID-19, FITT Finder empowers the user to search from only current, relevant, open activities. Plus, because the search is driven by the consumer, the user experience is 100% relevant, with no interruptions, unwanted advertisements, or distractions.

FITT Finder’s massive personalized database serves up classes with ease for yoga, cardio, strength training, PT, Pilates, and hundreds of other activities and services. Find indoor and outdoor classes, online classes, park district and community classes, meetups, adventure experiences, one-to-one, large group sessions, and much more – all this in addition to conventional gym- or studio-based classes typically found on legacy and pay-to-play solutions.

It’s an exponential improvement for users to find new and fun ways to stay fit and active, many of which may have never been explored before.

FREE classes are clearly highlighted for the user as well. You won’t find that on Google or pay-to-play membership business models. Instead of being stymied by Google search results which render obsolete and irrelevant results, FITT Finder’s massive real-time database and personalized technology finds exactly what users want and need.

“It’s the next evolution in health tech. An aggregation that solves for individual context on a broad scale. Nobody’s doing that,” says Ken Sloan, Co-founder at AgilityIP. He adds, “It’s amazing that nobody’s done this yet.”

Truth be told, it isn’t new technology. It’s just never been done in the health fitness sector. “This aggregation technology already exists in the travel industry (KAYAK) and career search industry (Indeed); we’re now bringing that same tech to bear in a sector of our economy that impacts health and life,” said Drew Kallestad, Co-founder of AgilityIP. “With FITT Finder, we are going to transform fitness, and turn it on its head.”

FITT Finder for Business Applications

The business world sees the potential for FITT Finder too. Due to FITT Finder’s relevant nearby search function and plug-and-play API technology, businesses in corporate wellness, healthcare, and insurance sectors are seeing multiple applications for FITT Finder to offer for their own employees. This solves for population health, wellness, disease management, and more.

For a relatively small investment, businesses can utilize FITT Finder tech as a stand-alone offering for their employees or embed it into their existing apps to activate and improve the health and well-being of their people. And healthy, happier, more productive individuals is what leaders need to better run their companies.

“Knowing how many silos there are in fitness, and how difficult it is for health and wellness companies to build the products of tomorrow on today’s limited budgets, FITT Finder broadens their access to fitness in one API that really powers their innovation lab, and does it as an affordable, scalable solution,” says Ken Sloan. “Health and wellness companies who are looking to differentiate themselves would be missing the boat if they didn’t strongly consider an integrated relationship with FITT Finder.”

About FITT Finder Inc.

Built for visionary population health leaders who seek impact & relevance in today’s emerging new healthcare ecosystem, FITT Finder is the world’s first discovery engine for fitness activities & services. Based in San Francisco, California and Austin, Texas, FITT Finder was co-founded by CEO Ahmed Abouelezz and CTO Trevor Robinson.

About Agility Innovation Partners, LLC.

The purpose of Agility Innovation Partners is to accelerate healthcare innovations that improve health and remove cost. AgilityIP connects the world’s most promising healthcare innovations to the thought leaders, brokers, consultants, and difference-maker employers in business, government, and non-profit sectors.

Co-founded by Drew Kallestad and Ken Sloan, both executives in the health plan and corporate wellness sectors (respectively), AgilityIP knows how to guide the process of bringing transformative new healthcare innovations to market.

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