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  • July 22, 2022

Agility Innovation Partners Launches Data Analytics Coalition (DAC)

Agility Innovation Partners Launches Data Analytics Coalition (DAC)

Agility Innovation Partners Launches Data Analytics Coalition (DAC) 150 150 Agility Innovation Partners

Leverages buying power of Agility Network to reduce cost and make health plan data accessible to more

Denver Colorado – July 22, 2022 – Agility Innovation Partners today announced The Data Analytics Coalition. A solution for Employee Benefit Advisors and their self-funded health-plan clients that removes cost and waste from health spend.

Its 2022, and data is the new currency in healthcare. Gaining command of cost and quality health plan data is a must for Benefit Advisors to combat health plan inflation for employer clients and their employees. Healthcare inflation has been eating away at the budgets of business and families for decades. Health plan costs rise year after year, eroding benefit levels, employee paychecks, corporate budgets, and decimating family savings. Benefit advisors team up with their clients to fight inflation, but Healthcare finance is extremely complex and data has been historically opaque. Hence, costs have risen unabated.

Fortunately, new laws are making healthcare cost and quality data infinitely more available and transparent than previously allowed (by restrictive contracts and legal agreements). Savvy benefit advisors and consultants can now freely tap deeply into the data to expose and remove unnecessary cost layers and gross inefficiencies in how we all buy healthcare and medicine. Advisors using data to lead strategy transform employers from passive payers, into data driven, informed purchasers of healthcare.

Historically, widespread adoption of data analytics (by brokers and consultants) has been muted for two primary reasons: cost and usability. Data platforms can be very (1) expensive and (2) hard to use. The Data Analytics Coalition solves both of these problems. The DAC taps into the aggregate buying power of the National Agility Innovation Partner network to significantly bring down the cost of data analytics. Second, the usability issue is addressed with a team of dedicated and experienced data analysts to mine the data and uncover cost saving opportunities for each advisor firm and plan sponsor. Each firm in the DAC is assigned a dedicated analyst for their book of business. This wingman concept enables immediate command of data mining to reveal cost saving opportunities. Advisors can also automate their self-funded client reporting, saving time and money optimizing internal workflows. Benefit advisors who leaned back from solving with data due to cost complexity can now lead significantly more clients with data. Collectively, the DAC will accelerate the positive influence of transparency to reduce medical spend for all stakeholders.


Brian Behnken, Chief Data and Analytics Officer with Agility is the mastermind of the DAC. Brian has been the data wingman for benefit advisors for over two decades. He knows what they struggle with and how to empower them to create great customer outcomes using data. The DAC has been evolving in Brian’s mind for years, and now becomes a reality. “We believe access to data should be affordable and easy to use,” says Behnken.

which data platform is behind DAC?

All things considered, from data analytics capabilities, fiduciary level benchmarking, to Emerging Hospital Pricing Transparency, to the new fiduciary mandates within CAA, only one platform addresses the convergence of these needs: Innovu, out of Pittsburgh, PA.

Innovu has the deepest most relevant tool stack health plan fiduciaries need – including a data vault to store and maintain all fiduciary process documents and data to validate due diligence. With Innovu, this all comes in one package. And it’s the easiest platform to navigate custom dashboards and automate reporting.

Access to DAC is available immediately. Interested brokers and employers should visit https://agilityinnovationpartners.com/data-analytics-coalition to learn more.

about innovu  

Innovu empowers advisors and employers to continuously eliminate waste from their healthcare costs, delivering material savings and improving the health and financial security of employees and their families. Innovu was founded on the belief that by bringing together vast silos of data, we can unlock powerful knowledge to solve complex challenges. To learn more, visit https://www.innovu.com/.

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