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We are a team of healthcare veterans dedicated to solving the cost crisis in healthcare by empowering stakeholders to cut out the middlemen. Through added transparency, health data analytics, and direct contracting innovations, we’ll show you how to take control of health plan costs.

Transparency and Data Change Everything

Agility Innovation Partners Launches Data Analytics Coalition (DAC).

Our Solutions

CAA & Fiduciary Compliance


We guide benefit advisors on how to wield the power in the CAA to activate their clients with a fiduciary mindset

Direct Contracting

Direct Contracting

We help benefit advisors and plan sponsors remove the middleman to reduce healthcare costs

AGILITY Health Data Analytics

Health Data Analytics

Tap into the power of health data analytics for a fraction of the cost through the Agility Data Analytics Coalition

Who We Serve

Benefit Advisors

Benefit Advisors

Brokers<br /> Consultants<br /> Account Executives<br /> Practice Leaders

Self Funded Health Plan Sponsors

Self Funded Health Plan Sponsors

Private Sector - Employers<br /> Public Sector - Schools, Counties, Municipalities<br /> Unions/Taft-Harley Funds<br /> CEOs, CFOs, and HR Executives

Health Care Aggregators

Health Care Aggregators

Transparent TPAs and PPMs<br /> Stop-loss Carriers<br /> Digital Health Platforms

Our Innovation Partners

Nice Healthcare
Meet The Agility Guides

Our Team

Drew Kallestad - Chief Strategy Officer at Agility
Chief Strategy Officer

Drew Kallestad

Ken Sloan
Chief Growth Officer

Ken Sloan


Ahmed AbouElezz
Ahmed AbouElezz

CEO, FITT Finder

“AgilityIP connected us to some of the largest global healthcare & behavior change companies that would have been nearly impossible to otherwise tap into. They’ve provided continuous coaching and mentorship on our go-to-market strategy and branding.”

Gary Wright photo - MIDWEST Laborers
Gary Wright

CEO, Midwest Laborers
Private Health Exchange

“AgilityIP has always kept their eyes open for innovative solutions. In assembling industry leaders and a suite of offerings, the they have a unique understanding of complex problems and the ability to provide guidance on solutions that provide substantial, meaningful ROI.”

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Agility Innovation Partners Launches Data Analytics Coalition (DAC)

Agility Innovation Partners Launches Data Analytics Coalition (DAC) 987 646 Agility Innovation Partners
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